Winners & Losers

This week’s biggest Winners & Losers

Who’s up and who’s down in the Sunshine State?

There’s one thing that has the potential to make many Floridians losers: hurricane season. Now, Florida State University is out with the depressing news that “record-breaking high temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean combined with El Niño spell uncertainty for the Atlantic hurricane season.” El Niño, a phenomenon of unusually warm ocean temperatures, can reduce hurricane activity in the Atlantic. But the waters are already pretty darn hot. So in addition to a possibly hopping storm season, “coral reefs, seagrass and other critical components of the ecosystem” could be in danger. We’re going to bed. Wake us up when November ends.


Lenny Curry -

Republicans may have lost big in Jacksonville during the last municipal election cycle, but their local party’s former top dog has landed on his feet. Former Mayor Lenny Curry was just named partner at Ballard Partners, the top-earning lobbying firm in Tallahassee. The firm wrapped up the first quarter of 2023 with more than $7.4 million from over 200 clients. While his heir apparent wasn’t crowned in Jacksonville, at least his wallet won’t be hurting.

Nicholas Warren -

Call it a coincidence or a prompt: Five days after Gov. Ron DeSantis was sued, he signed executive orders finally setting the dates of special elections to fill two empty seats in the Florida House. ACLU attorney Nicholas Warren, who represented a voter who lives in House District 118, sued to get a judge to order the governor to act. Whatever the reason, Warren tweeted, “Power concedes nothing without a demand.”

Christian Ziegler -

The good times for the Republican Party of Florida just keep coming. Coming off a 20-year-high electoral performance statewide, the GOP continues to turn Florida redder as its lead in voter registration grew to over 500,000 this month. Democratic analysts are already recognizing there is next to no chance they can catch up. As RPOF Chair Christian Ziegler says, there’s no reason to think the party is gonna take its foot off the gas anytime soon.


James Varnell Cusick Jr. & Casey Cusick -

We’re just going to rip the words right from Florida Today: “A father and his son, both pastors at a Melbourne church … were found guilty by a federal jury in connection with their roles in the failed Jan. 6 insurrection.” James Varnell Cusick Jr. and son Casey Cusick of the Melbourne-based Global Outreach Ministries Church were convicted in Washington, D.C. It was on misdemeanor charges, to be sure. Still, Romans 13: 1-7, y’all.

Ron DeSantis -

The governor has taken it on the chin enough times for his faltering presidential bid, so it’s gotta be extra chafing when he gets dinged for a policy initiative that gets investigative treatment from both the Tampa Bay Times and the New York Times. Both papers reported this week that his signature Florida State Guard is a hot soup sandwich, with recruits, including military veterans, quitting after the first training class because they feared it was becoming “too militaristic.” Did we mention the State Guard is again without a director? Ah well.

Rishi Kapoor -

Multimillion-dollar lawsuits and FBI investigations aren’t good for business even in a booming housing market. This developer CEO was forced to step down after his consulting agreement with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez spurred an FBI investigation. Two investors in the company also say Rishi Kapoor owes them $25 million and are suing for payment. He probably should have waited in the line of city regulations like everyone else. Sure beats getting the old heave-ho.