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Republican vote-by-mail rebounds, Broward participation flounders ahead of 2022 primary

As of Wednesday, just under half of the roughly 490,000 party-affiliated voters who have voted by mail so far are Republican.

Florida election preview: State senate primary races to watch in 2022

Some races have the most compelling political storylines of Florida’s primary season.

Florida judge rules against Tampa Bay-area congressional candidate in ballot fight

Jerry Torres 'should be decertified as a candidate,' Circuit Judge John Cooper ruled.

For decades, Jacksonville City Council redistricted based off ‘misinformation’

Analysis: The city is fighting a federal redistricting lawsuit by arguing the Jacksonville City Council was interested more in preserving historic districts. But a review of the history casts doubt on the legality of those historic districts.

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Beach battles: Lawmakers pushed to increase public shoreline access

Steep parking fees and other factors can pose barriers to visiting beaches, with some advocates saying restrictive policies reinforce segregation and racial inequality.

Florida pumps brakes on turnpike extension

Department of Transportation pauses extension following local opposition.

Florida abortion clinic fights $41,000 state fine

State regulators say the clinic didn't show it provided required information to women at least 24 hours before the procedure.

Are Palm Beach County residents ready to mortgage the future?

County voters will decide whether to OK a $200 million bond issue to subsidize affordable housing.

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Winners & Losers

This week’s biggest Winners & Losers

Who’s up and who’s down in the Sunshine State?

Winners & Losers

This week’s biggest Winners & Losers

Who’s up and who’s down in the Sunshine State?

Can Jane Gilbert beat the heat and save lives in South Florida?

With daily highs in the low 90s, Miami-Dade County’s “chief heat officer” has her work cut out.

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