Five Questions with Maxwell Frost

Frost, who's seen his national political profile skyrocket, may well be the first member of Gen Z to be elected to Congress in November.

Five Questions with Andrew Warren

Suspended by Gov. Ron DeSantis, the Democratic prosecutor now is in the fight of his political life. 

Five Questions for state Sen. Jeff Brandes

The outgoing lawmaker talks about voter fraud, the perilous state of property insurance, and life after the Legislature. 

Five Questions for Florida Times-Union columnist Nate Monroe

Recent disclosures show the newspaper columnist was put under surveillance after writing on the possible sale of Jacksonville’s public utility. 

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Can Jane Gilbert beat the heat and save lives in South Florida?

With daily highs in the low 90s, Miami-Dade County’s “chief heat officer” has her work cut out.

What they do for fun: Hobbies of Florida lawmakers include poker, extreme sports, 'wolf spider husbandry'

What a lawmaker includes in their 'recreational interests' section – and whether they fill it out at all – can provide an insight into them away from the legislative session.