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Moms for Liberty offers 'revolutionary' school board candidate campaign kit

The kit, which is available only to members, draws on "lessons learned during the 2022 election cycle."

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The “Joyful Warriors” now have their own “School Board Candidate Campaign Kit.” In a Tuesday email, Moms for Liberty – the conservative Florida-based parental rights organization – announced a “comprehensive package of information … designed to empower school board candidates with the knowledge and tools they need to win campaigns in school board races.”

The kit, which is available only to members, draws on “lessons learned during the 2022 election cycle, which included (the group’s) endorsements in more than 500 campaigns across the United States,” it said. The kit is intended to help first-time candidates; “we are revolutionizing school board campaigns,” Executive Director of Program Development Marie Rogerson said in the email. 

So what’s inside? “A ‘how to’ guide on running for school board covering everything from building a platform and fundraising, to voter contact and working with the media,” according to the email. There also is a workbook to “assist candidates in creating a campaign plan and executing their campaign effectively,” and a “curated collection of design templates for school board campaigns (to) easily create logos, mailers, palm cards and more.” 

“We are proud to provide this tool kit for candidates to … learn how to run an effective campaign,” organization co-founders Tina Descovich and Tiffany Justice – both of whom have been school board members in Florida – said in the email. “We are excited to empower liberty-minded individuals who want to make a difference in their communities and in their schools.” 

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