Florida Gov. DeSantis reportedly going to Japan

The Japan News reported the governor will visit Tokyo later this month.

Image by abdulla binmassam from Pixabay

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ international travel plans might be expanding.

The Japan News reported Friday that DeSantis will visit Tokyo this month as part of a state delegation to promote business with Japan.

“Republicans have … taken an increasingly hardline stance on China and attention would be strongly focused on what DeSantis had to say about the Japan-U.S. alliance and policy toward Beijing,” the outlet reported. “DeSantis is also coordinating visits to South Korea and Israel, following his planned sojourn to Japan.”

The Japan News noted DeSantis “has limited diplomatic experience,” while he’s seen as a possible 2024 Republican Party presidential candidate.

DeSantis made an appearance Friday in Ocala with Enterprise Florida President and CEO Laura DiBella but didn’t mention a possible Japan trip.

DeSantis previously announced plans for a trip to Israel. The Jerusalem Post and Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem said in a news release that he will take part in an event April 27.

In November, DeSantis gave the opening address and welcomed diplomatic delegates during the Southeastern United States-Japan Conference in Orlando.

A news release from the governor’s office at the time expressed an interest in expanding Florida’s partnership with Japan. Enterprise Florida said that as of 2020, more than 22,000 Floridians were employed by various Japanese-owned companies.

“Based on employment, Japan ranks sixth among sources of foreign direct investment into Florida,” Enterprise Florida said on its website.

And last month, as reported in The DeSantis Files newsletter, he met with a quartet of emissaries from overseas. 

According to official daily schedules released by the governor’s office, DeSantis met with Miloslav Stasek, the Czech Ambassador to the U.S., Taiwanese Ambassador Bi-khim Hsiao, Bahraini Ambassador Al Khalifa and Japanese Ambassador Koji Tomita. 

“Florida continues to be an important political and economic partner to many countries around the world, and as foreign officials request meetings with our office it is appropriate to further develop these ties,” DeSantis press secretary Bryan Griffin said.

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